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Our Sustainability Mission

We are a sustainable company that believes the Earth is our home and deserves to be protected and taken care of. This planet was created for humans, animals, insects, and plants to co-exist and thrive together. Therefore, we at Nurtur Skincare are committed to taking every possible measure to ensure that our business practices aid all living things on our home starting with our product packaging. 

Join Our Repurposing Challenge and Get Your Story Published! 

Did you know that you can repurpose our product bottles and jars? All of our products are placed in glass amber containers so that they can be reused or recycled. We challenge you to repurpose them, there is only one thing you must do: 

  • Submit a photo or video below of how you repurposed your product bottles and get 30% off next order


Here are a few ways to repurpose your containers before they hits the landfill: 

Revive Toner Bottle

Use it as a portable perfume/cologne bottle, just add your favorite perfume/cologne! 

 General Oil Cleanser Bottle

Use it as a lotion or body oil bottle, pour your favorite lotion or oil the bottle and moisturize that body!  

Renew Facial Oil/Foster Beard Oil


Use it to oil your scalp or hair, just add olive oil and you're good to go! 

Nectar Exfoliator Jar

Use it to store cotton balls or cotton rounds for your next travel or sleeping over a friends place. 

Challenge Submission

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