These Natural Oils Can Grow Your Beard

A healthy beard is a growing beard. Yes, genetics have a big influence on how long your beard can grow, but simply using the right ingredients from nature can help you take your beard to its greatest lengths. Here’s a brief list of the best natural and essential oils that can grow your beard.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba is an evergreen shrub grown primarily in the southwestern region of the United States. Webmd says that jojoba oil will grow your beard because it can unclog the hair follicles on your face as well as moisturize your skin and hair. Vitamins B and E in jojoba oil help promote hair growth by strengthening the skin cells and hair follicles.

Texas Cedarwood Essential Oil

Texas Cedarwood essential oil comes from trees grown in Mexico and the southwestern region of the United States. Cedarwood oil will grow your beard by encouraging blood circulation in the face. It could also possibly fight against infections because of its antifungal properties.

natural oils that grow your beard long

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary is a common herb used for fragrances and food. Like Texas Cedarwood, its oil encourages blood circulation in the face and strengthens hair follicles. What makes rosemary oil stand out from the others listed is its ability to stimulate your hair from the root.

Which natural oil should you use to grow your beard?

Every oil listed is a great choice for beard growth, but which one should you choose? Our Foster Beard Oil has all of the oils listed above as well as other natural ingredients. Using our unique natural oil blend will moisturize and enhance your skin and beard.

How long do you want your beard to grow? What are your #beardgoals?

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