Nourish Your Skin and Soul With a Day of Rest!

Updated: May 21, 2019

Our culture places high value on hard work. You can’t achieve the American Dream without some blood, sweat, and tears. But working too hard causes the body to experience stress. You’re probably thinking, “Everyone gets stressed out sometimes, it’s no big deal!” It is if you care about your skin. Stress can make the skin produce more oil which can lead to acne. It can also worsen any skin disease you may already have such as eczema or psoriasis[2]

The best cure for stress is rest. We’re not saying you need to spend $100 at the downtown spa or go on a $6,000 vacation in the Bahamas. There are plenty of inexpensive ways to rejuvenate not only your skin but your body and soul as well.

1. Shut out social media and turn off your smartphone Staring at screens all day--no matter how much you dim them--will strain your eyes. Give your mind and eyes a break. Step away and take in the here and now. Enjoy your moment of solitude.

2. Enjoy a traditional warm bath with a bath bomb Sit back and relax. Maybe add some chocolates to the scene!

3. Listen to music We’re not talking about club bangers. Go for something light yet moving, like a Hillsong or Beethoven playlist.

4. Take in nature. Nature is known to bring in a feeling of peace, so if hiking or camping isn’t your thing, try a local park.

5. Reconnect with your hobbies Remember that thing you used to do when you had more free time? Start doing it again. If you don’t have a hobby yet or would like to start a new one, see what activities your local YMCA, library, nonprofit, or community center is offering.

6. Pray and meditate Prayer and meditation are great ways to connect yourself to God. During your day of rest, spend more time with God. Meditating on scripture, for instance, re-centers the mind and heart and can provide you with great peace.

7. SLEEP One thing we ALL need but most adults severely lack! Adults between the ages of 18-25 need at least seven hours of sleep per night [3].

Which relaxation activity are you going to try out?