Self-Care and COVID-19

From reading the title, I know you may be thinking, how are self-care and the COVID-19 related, and why is a skincare company talking about it? Well, ladies and gentlemen keep reading to find out! The Coronavirus has extremely limited our social interactions, restricting us to our homes without many of life's "distractions." For many of us, this extra free time may mean binge-watching Netflix shows, catching up with friends via phone, or sleeping. So, if you are home self-quarantining, we want you to take a moment and embrace this pause in life. Here are six ways to practice self-care in the comfort of your home. 1. RE-CREATE OR CREATE A VISION BOARD From memes to status updates, I believe we can all agree that this year did not start the way that we planned or even continue the way we wanted it to; however, that's okay. If you haven't created a vision board for this year and don't know how here is a helpful video:

Otherwise, grab a poster board, magazines, or go on Google and create a board of the goals you would like to achieve the remainder of this year. For some, virtual vision boards are an option as well. If you already made a vision board for 2020, you may want to make a few adjustments. For instance, my goal was to go to Italy this summer; however, due to the current health climate, I will be postponing that trip to later in the year. 2. JOURNAL Take some time for you, early in the morning when you first wake up, in the afternoon or right before you go to bed to reflect and release.

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Often we forget to take care of ourselves emotionally and allow for space and time to heal. If you don't have a trustworthy person to talk to or don't feel comfortable sharing everything, journaling is a great way to let everything out and reassess what is on your heart.

3. GET MOVING Staying active is very important, especially during this time. There are many ways to get moving at home. You can watch different workouts on YouTube, download a fitness app, search for group classes that are streamed online, go jogging around your neighborhood, or dance in your living room. The possibilities are endless! By staying active, you are not only keeping your heart and skin healthy, but you are also taking care of your mental health. Psychology Today stated, exercise produces endorphins, which can help with depression, anxiety, self-image, and more. 4. DIG INTO OLD HOBBIES

Do you remember that hobby that you used to enjoy when you had free time? Start doing it again! If you can't remember what you like to do, don't worry. We are definitely in the same boat. Get out a piece of paper and take a few minutes to think, if you can't come up with anything here is a list of hobbies you can look through to get you started:

5. SPA DAY or SELF-CARE DAY Spend a day focused primarily on taking care of you. Make yourself a delicious breakfast, read a nice book, take a soothing shower, throw on a face mask and unwind. This day is for you to pamper yourself at home. Our Nectar Exfoliator is a great 2 in 1 honey mask and exfoliator to try. It has organic raw honey, nutmeg, brown sugar, vitamin E, and other ingredients that are perfect for acne-prone skin and relaxation.

If you are a guy reading this, I want you to know spa days aren't just for women; they are for you too! So, light a few candles and destress because this time is for you. 6. MEDITATE OR PRAY Meditation or prayer is known to ease our minds and re-center us. If you are struggling with fear, anxiety, or stress during this time, I sincerely encourage you to find a quiet and comfortable place in your home, play some soothing music, relax and do one of the two. Eva Gregory, a guidance and mediation coach, reported that both practices can reduce stress, improve concentration, and thought control. I hope these six tips can help you during this time. If you try any of them, comment below. I would love to hear how they have helped you!

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