Nurtur's Environmental Impact

Sustainability is something many skincare companies are practicing today from large brands like Youth To The People to smaller brands such as Krave Beauty. Although we've listed only two brands there are many more companies that are making the environmental change and we are one of them!

As a small business, we value the environment and believe that without it we would truly have nothing. So, we've made it our priority to be sustainable in every aspect of Nurtur Skincare; from our product packaging to our mailing material. If you want to learn more about our sustainability practices and how you can join in keep reading.

1. We Use Glass Not Plastic

All of our products are placed in glass amber jars or bottles. Did you know that "Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly with no loss in quality or purity. Glass recycling is a closed-loop system, creating no additional waste or by-products. Glass is one of the very few examples where the same material can be recycled over and over again without loss of quality."

Not only is glass recyclable but it keeps your products safe from dangerous chemicals in high heat. Glass has a melting point of 2552 F to 2732 F (1400–1500 C) meaning, that it can withstand extreme heat and not leak various chemicals into your product without you knowing like many plastic containers.

2. Repurposing Initiative

Just as our product packing is 100% recyclable, it is reusable! Our product containers can be reused as often and as long as possible, keeping them out of the landfill. Due to it being glass it is easy and harmless to clean; thus, we challenge our customers to get creative and be sustainable with us by repurposing our product containers and submitting a video or photo of how they've done so on our website. For participating we are giving a 30% off coupon with each submission, as a thank you for being sustainable with us!

There are so many ways to reuse our product bottles and jars from portable lotion jars to scalp treatments and more. Check out our Repurposing Challenge and different ways to use our product containers here!

3. Eco-friendly Mailing

Practicing sustainability is important to us, even when it pertains to your mail. Every time you purchase from us, you will receive your product in a 100% recyclable and reusable box. We will soon be adding recyclable and compostable bubble mailers.

Being sustainable is imperative to us and we will continue to take steps in protecting the environment. Will you join us?

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