Is Your Skincare Routine More Than A Routine?

We believe it is!

When you go into your bathroom and begin your skincare routine, what is your immediate thought?

Let's get this over with?

I don't feel like doing this?

Why can't my skin just be clear?

Have you felt: annoyance, frustration, and exhaustion?

If you thought or felt these things, you are definitely not alone; I've experienced these thoughts and feelings and time and time again.

However, my perception changed when I realized that my skincare routine is more than just a process I don't feel like doing, but a time of self-care and self-love. When you take time to perform your skincare routine, you are nourishing, replenishing, and protecting your biggest organ and your mind. Our bodies and minds endure a lot throughout the day: stress, tension, pollution, and more. We are always being pulled and tugged in different directions, to meet endless demands from work, family, and friends.

The daily stressors and tasks we face take a toll on our bodies and minds over time; therefore, when you take a few minutes of solitude in your bathroom and apply that cleanser, mask, or exfoliator, you are taking time for you. You are showing your body and mind the love and attention it truly deserves.

Next time you perform your skincare regime, remember that time is your time, nurtur time.

Take your time and relax, because you deserve it.

What do you think? Is your skincare routine more than a routine?

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