Hello, my name is Adesuwa and I'm the founder of Nurtur Skincare. 


I've struggled with my skin for years and tried MANY products. I always felt insecure, embarrassed, and frustrated that my skin never looked like those around me nor those on social media. When my acne disappeared I was left with dry and/or irritated skin. I was fed up with try product after product and decided one day in my dorm room that I would create my own line. 


With hands on experience working side by side dermatologists and hours of research I discovered a correlation with self-care and skincare. I found that in my own journey and others that our mental and physical health impact our skin, thus if we nurture one over the other it will be prevalent our skin.


Therefore, I created Nurtur Skincare, a unisex wellness skincare company that focus on your skin and well-being because you are deeper than skin.